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I write psychological fiction for adults, sometimes injected with humor. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads

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Praise for Take Me Out the BAck

“A truly unique and chilling account of a mass killing as seen through the eyes of many.” -Sublime Book Review

“TAKE ME OUT THE BACK is a taut, engrossing and talented debut novel that provides a mosaic of perspectives on a mental health horror story.” -IndieReview

Advance Praise for Who Shall Live: A Jewish Fantasy

“An interesting, twisty, captivating tale, both intriguing and mysterious.” – Christina Consolino, author of Rewrite the Stars

“Geduld keeps us turning the page, wondering what will happen next in an engaging, imaginative novel filled with intertwined histories, tragedy, redemption, and mystical undercurrents.” – Eva Silverfine, author of *How to Bury Your Dog.”

“A beautiful modern fable that combines Jewish philosophy with modern problems.” – Matthew Arnold Stern, author of Amiga.

“In this imaginative and dark tale about survival and atonement, Carolyn Geduld examines how one woman’s actions after the loss of her husband takes her on a journey that changes her life as well as the lives of everyone connected to her for the next three generations.” – Marina DelVecchio, author of Dear Jane

My Background

I am a mental health professional in Bloomington, Indiana, originally from New York City. I have degrees from The City College of New York and Indiana University.

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