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A mass shooting in a nursing home rocks a southern Indiana town. The ripple effects afflict emergency workers, the nursing home staff, town officials, and the friends and families of the victims—both immediately and for weeks and months thereafter. Chillingly, those murdered often appear as ghosts, plaguing their family members with dangerous and surprising urges. Will a copycat shooter emerge from among them to kill again?

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Four-year-old Eva is abducted by her grandmother from a Jewish Community in Indiana and raised in the forest. As an adult, she becomes “First Woman,” leader of the Woodland Cooperative, a haven for those escaping the pandemic-including the handsome schemer, Larry. Eva betrays her community when the Cooperative is overwhelmed by invading townspeople. She flees to a secluded part of the forest with the magical book, “Roots of the Woods,” after stealing a toddler boy to be a companion for her baby girl, Azura.

Meanwhile, Azura’s father, Isaac, dabbles in mystical Jewish practices. When Azura is in her early teens, she finds him. In an impulsive act that will have far-reaching consequences, she kidnaps her father’s newborn son. Under pressure from Covid-30, she must earn her father’s forgiveness and discover how to atone for three generations of missing and abducted children.


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